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Michael Snell1823

Michael Snell
Given names
Birth of a son
William Snell
about 1790
Curraghmore, Cork, Ireland

Marriage of a childWilliam SnellMary O'BrienView family
about 1820
Brigown, Mitchelstown, Barony of Condons and Clangibbou

Death 1823
Curraghmore, Cork, Ireland

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Michael Snell
Death: 1823Curraghmore, Cork, Ireland
John Snell
Death: 1847Curraghmore, Cork, Ireland
William Snell
Birth: about 1790Curraghmore, Cork, Ireland
Death:   — Seneca, Crawford, Wisconsin


About the Snell Ancestry: Family lore produced by a descendant of William Snell (b.1790) says that Edmund (b.1845) and Michael (b.1843) Snell are brothers, and that William Snell b. 1790 is related in some UNKNOWN way to the brothers. The death certificate of Michael Snell (q1843-1905) says that his father was John Snell and mother's name was unknown. Family lore says that Ed Snell's father died when Ed was 2 years old, hence placing the date of the death of John Snell at 1847. It is only conjecture that William Snell MAY be the brother of John Snell, and that their father's name was Michael Snell. Michael's name is the only Snell found in available records of the area who could be the father of Joh, but it is far from proven fact. --Source: Delores McDonald 5975-B Harrell Place, Ft. Polk, LA 71459 on 12 Jan 1985.