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Michael SnellAge: 7718781956

Michael Snell
Given names
Birth May 9, 1878 33 29
Seneca, Crawford, Wisconsin

Birth of a brotherEdmund Snell
about 1881 (Age 2)

Birth of a sisterCatherine Gertrude "Kate" Snell
June 10, 1883 (Age 5)
Greeley, Greeley, Nebraska

Birth of a sisterMary Bernadette Snell
October 26, 1884 (Age 6)
Spalding, Greeley, Nebraska

Birth of a sisterFrances Snell
1886 (Age 7)

Birth of a sisterElla E. Snell
August 6, 1889 (Age 11)
Spalding, Greeley, Nebraska

Birth of a brotherStephen Snell
1891 (Age 12)

Death of a fatherEdmund Snell
about 1895 (Age 16)
Spalding, Nebraska

Death of a motherMary Crawford
December 18, 1915 (Age 37)
Spalding, , Nebraska

Marriage of a childCecil NobleMary SnellView family
July 1931 (Age 53)

Marriage of a childDr. John ""Red"" McGreevyHelen SnellView family
June 15, 1936 (Age 58)

Marriage of a childJohn SnellAgnes RasschaertView family
November 1936 (Age 58)

Marriage of a childJames MurphySheila SnellView family
June 15, 1948 (Age 70)

Death of a sisterHannah Snell
May 20, 1951 (Age 73)
Spalding, , Nebraska

Death of a sisterMargaret Snell
1952 (Age 73)

Death February 2, 1956 (Age 77)
Grand Isle, Nebraska

Family with parents - View family
Edmund Snell
Birth: 1845Curraghmore, Cork, Ireland
Death: about 1895Spalding, Nebraska
Mary Crawford
Birth: March 3, 1849 29Ballyryan, Tipperary, Ireland
Death: December 18, 1915Spalding, , Nebraska
Marriage: May 3, 1868, , New York
20 months
elder sister
Margaret Snell
Birth: 1869 24 19Seneca, Crawford, Wisconsin
Death: 1952
3 years
elder sister
Hannah Snell Hannah Snell
Birth: December 13, 1871 26 22Prairie de Cheine, Crawford, Wisconsin
Death: May 20, 1951Spalding, , Nebraska
3 years
elder brother
Dennis Snell
Birth: May 1874 29 25Seneca, Crawford, Wisconsin
2 years
elder brother
William R. Snell
Birth: June 7, 1876 31 27Seneca, Crawford, Wisconsin
Death: December 24, 1963, , Nebraska
23 months
Michael Snell
Birth: May 9, 1878 33 29Seneca, Crawford, Wisconsin
Death: February 2, 1956Grand Isle, Nebraska
4 years
younger brother
Edmund Snell
Birth: about 1881 36 31
2 years
younger sister
Catherine Gertrude "Kate" Snell
Birth: June 10, 1883 38 34Greeley, Greeley, Nebraska
Death: September 7, 1967Joplin, , Missourie
17 months
younger sister
Mary Bernadette Snell
Birth: October 26, 1884 39 35Spalding, Greeley, Nebraska
Death: 1973Phoenix, , Arizona
2 years
younger sister
Frances Snell
Birth: 1886 41 36
4 years
younger sister
Ella E. Snell
Birth: August 6, 1889 44 40Spalding, Greeley, Nebraska
Death: July 27, 1964Grand Isle, Nebraska
2 years
younger brother
Stephen Snell
Birth: 1891 46 41
John Snell
Death:   —
Family with Ruby Owen - View family
Michael Snell
Birth: May 9, 1878 33 29Seneca, Crawford, Wisconsin
Death: February 2, 1956Grand Isle, Nebraska
Ruby Owen
Birth: February 16, 1891Madison, Kansas
Death: April 7, 1978Sioux Falls, , South Dakota
John Snell
Death: 1988
Paul Snell
Death: June 15, 1991
Mary Snell
Death: October 7, 1999Fortuna, Humbolt, California
Helen Snell
Death: August 15, 1996Sioux Falls, , South Dakota
Owen Snell
Death: August 9, 1991Colorado Springs, Colorado
Gladys Snell
Death: 1981
Walter "Mike" Snell
Death: March 30, 1998Tacoma, , Washington
Jean Snell
Death: June 26, 2004Omaha, , Nebraska
Harley "Huck" Snell
Death: February 16, 1999Chehalis, , Washington
Leo Snell
Death: March 31, 1999Oregon City, , Oregon
Sheila Snell
Death: November 8, 2002Wenatchee, , Washington


"Mike" weas born in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin on May 9, 1878 and accepted responsibility for helping his mother at the age of seventeen after his father died.

Mike studied by correspondence with the University of Nebraska for certification to t4each elementary school, though his formal education had been limited to about three years. He did gain certification with high percentages, and was teaching in Horace when he met Ruby Owen as his student..

The children of Michael and Ruby were educated variously at Greeley Public and Sacred Heart schools, the six youngest graduating from Sacred Heart High School. While marriages of Mary, Gladys, Jean, Harley, Sheila and Shirley took place in Sacred Heart parish, only one son, John, lived a significant part of his adult life in Greeley.