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Elfrida (Elfthryth), Queen EnglandAge: 539471000

Elfrida (Elfthryth), Queen England
Given names
Elfrida (Elfthryth), Queen
Birth about 947
of, Devonshire, England

MarriageEdgar "The Peacable", EnglandView family
964 (Age 17)
, Wessex, England

Birth of a son
Ethelred II "The England
about 968 (Age 21)
of, Wessex, England

Death of a husbandEdgar "The Peacable", England
July 8, 975 (Age 28)
, Wessex, England

Marriage of a childEthelred II "The EnglandAlfgifu (Aelflaed) Queen EnglandView family
about 985 (Age 38)
of, Wessex, England

Death 1000 (Age 53)

LDS baptism July 23, 1934 (934 years after death)

LDS endowment February 6, 1935 (935 years after death)

LDS spouse sealingEdgar "The Peacable", EnglandView family
January 26, 1945 (945 years after death)

Family with Edgar "The Peacable", England - View family
Edgar "The Peacable", England
Birth: about 943, Wessex, England
Death: July 8, 975, Wessex, England
Elfrida (Elfthryth), Queen England
Birth: about 947of, Devonshire, England
Death: 1000
Marriage: 964, Wessex, England
5 years
Ethelred II "The England
Birth: about 968 25 21of, Wessex, England
Death: April 23, 1016, London, Middlesex, England


Line 2740 from GEDCOM File not recognizable or too long: NAME Elfrida (Elfthryth), Queen Of /ENGLAND/