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Hedwige (Hartwige) Princess GermansAge: 55910965

Hedwige (Hartwige) Princess Germans
Given names
Hedwige (Hartwige) Princess
Birth about 910
of, Saxony, Germany

MarriageHugues Magnus, Duke France [Count of Paris]View family
before September 14, 938 (Age 28)
Mainz Oder, Ingelheim, Rhineland, Germany

Birth of a son
Hugh "Capet" King France
about 939 (Age 29)
of, Paris, Seine, France

Death of a husbandHugues Magnus, Duke France [Count of Paris]
June 16, 956 (Age 46)
, Dourdan, France

Death March 14, 965 (Age 55)

Burial May 1, 965 (48 days after death)

LDS baptism August 22, 1938 (973 years after death)

LDS endowment October 26, 1938 (973 years after death)

Family with Hugues Magnus, Duke France [Count of Paris] - View family
Hugues Magnus, Duke France [Count of Paris]
Birth: about 900of, Paris, Seine, France
Death: June 16, 956, Dourdan, France
Hedwige (Hartwige) Princess Germans
Birth: about 910of, Saxony, Germany
Death: March 14, 965Aix-La-Chapelle
Marriage: before September 14, 938Mainz Oder, Ingelheim, Rhineland, Germany
16 months
Hugh "Capet" King France
Birth: about 939 39 29of, Paris, Seine, France
Death: October 24, 996, Paris, Seine, France


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