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Bernard "The Dane" HarcourtAge: 95860955

Bernard "The Dane" Harcourt
Given names
Bernard "The Dane"
Birth about 860
of, Normandy, France

MarriageSprote BourgoyneView family
about 899 (Age 39)

Birth of a son
Torf "The Rich" Harcourt
about 900 (Age 40)
of, Normandy, France

Death about 955 (Age 95)

LDS baptism March 23, 1948 (993 years after death)

LDS endowment April 19, 1948 (993 years after death)

LDS spouse sealingSprote BourgoyneView family
September 17, 1948 (993 years after death)

LDS temple: Salt Lake City, Utah

Family with Sprote Bourgoyne - View family
Bernard "The Dane" Harcourt
Birth: about 860of, Normandy, France
Death: about 955
Sprote Bourgoyne
Birth: about 908of, Normandy, France
Marriage: about 899
2 years
Torf "The Rich" Harcourt
Birth: about 900 40 of, Normandy, France