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Sarah Nichols BremnerAge: 5818201879

Sarah Nichols Bremner
Given names
Sarah Nichols
Birth July 24, 1820 22
New York, New York, New York

Birth of a brotherHenry Hyer Bremner
about 1820
, , New York

Birth of a brotherBenjamin English Bremner
about 1825 (Age 4)
, , New York

MarriageJohn Peck Rev.View family
October 1849 (Age 29)
New York, New York

Birth of a son
William Lewis Peck
August 17, 1850 (Age 30)
Greenville, Sullivan, Indiana

Birth of a son
Walter Hyer Peck
August 28, 1853 (Age 33)
Rockville Twp., Kankakee, Illinois

Birth of a daughter
Helen Bremner Peck
December 26, 1855 (Age 35)
Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey

Death of a husbandJohn Peck Rev.
1868 (Age 47)
Paterson, New Jersey

Death May 30, 1879 (Age 58)

LDS baptism March 23, 1971 (91 years after death)

LDS temple: Salt Lake City, Utah

LDS endowment May 14, 1971 (91 years after death)

LDS temple: Salt Lake City, Utah

LDS spouse sealingJohn Peck Rev.View family
June 29, 1971 (92 years after death)

LDS temple: Salt Lake City, Utah

LDS child sealing August 25, 1971 (92 years after death)

LDS temple: Salt Lake City, Utah

Family with parents - View family
Dinah Benson White
Christening: March 28, 1798TrinityChurchPar, New York, New York
Marriage: February 18, 1815New Yok, New York, New York
6 years
Henry Hyer Bremner
Birth: about 1820 21, , New York
Sarah Nichols Bremner
Birth: July 24, 1820 22New York, New York, New York
Death: May 30, 1879
5 years
younger brother
Benjamin English Bremner
Birth: about 1825 26, , New York
Family with John Peck Rev. - View family
John Peck Rev.
Birth: July 30, 1814 35Greenwich, Fairfield, Connecticut
Death: 1868Paterson, New Jersey
Sarah Nichols Bremner
Birth: July 24, 1820 22New York, New York, New York
Death: May 30, 1879
Marriage: October 1849New York, New York
11 months
William Lewis Peck
Birth: August 17, 1850 36 30Greenville, Sullivan, Indiana
Death: March 5, 1941Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota
3 years
Walter Hyer Peck
Birth: August 28, 1853 39 33Rockville Twp., Kankakee, Illinois
Helen Bremner Peck
Birth: December 26, 1855 41 35Hoboken, Hudson, New Jersey


Obituary, Paterson, N.J.: MRS. SARAH BREMNER PECK. This godly and lovely lady, relict of the late Rev. John Peck, died in Paterson, N.J., very early in the morning of the 30th day of May, 1879. All her early married life was spent in the service of the Church as a Home Missionary's wife. From 1849 until 1864 she was her husband's companion, sympathizer and devoted helper in all his toils and hardships among the frontier settlements of the then wild States of Indiana,Illinois and Minnesota. With a consecration that is seldom excelled, though doubtless it is equalled in many similar cases, she gave herself to the promotion of Christ's kingdom on earth and counted it all joy to spend and he spent in such a holy cause. In 1864 Mr. Peck's health failed and he left Minnesota to make his home in Paterson during the four years of remaing life. After his decease his widow found her work in the care and training of her three children, who are living witnesses now of her faithfulness in her relation of only surviving parent. Some years since her own health gave way, primarily in consequence of over-exertion in her sphere of "minister's wife," with the care of the Sunday-school and church weighing upon her in addition to the customary burdens of the household. For some time past she had suffered much, but bore all uncomplainingly. Her last years were the very exemplar of a Christian drawing near to death. Without fear without impatience with all holy confidence and simple trust she know always whom she had believed, and was sure that He was able to keep all that she had committed to Him. Her religion was more in deed than in word. Not what she said but what she was, impressed all who know her with the conviction that she truly belonged to the Lord's people, being an Israelite indeed in whom was no guile. Her children and friends sorrow for her but not as those who are without hope. They know that it is well with her, that she has gone on to rejoin her beloved husband in the better world, and that she receives now the crown of righteousness from her faithful Lord. The testimony of a blameless and useful life, as well as her dear, sweet and precious last words, give consoling assurance that she has entered into the rest that remaineth for the people of God. [C.D.S.]

Batch #: 7018712, Sheet #: 53, Source Call #: 538511


Possible Indiana, also Greenville, Clay, Iowa.