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Elizabeth Cunings1746

Elizabeth Cunings
Given names
Christening May 11, 1746
Dunino, Fife, Scotland

Christening of a brotherDavid Cunings
July 9, 1749 (Age 3)
Dunino, Fife, Scotland

LDS baptism July 9, 1986 (Age 240)

LDS temple: Salt Lake City, Utah

LDS endowment October 16, 1986 (Age 240)

LDS temple: Salt Lake City, Utah

LDS child sealing October 21, 1986 (Age 240)

LDS temple: Salt Lake City, Utah

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Coline Cunings
Birth: September 30, 1717Carnbee, Fife, Scotland
Christain Scot
Birth: January 28, 1717 26Carnbee, Fife, Scotland
Marriage: October 27, 1738Kilconquhar, Fife, Scotland
15 months
elder sister
Margaret Cunnings
Christening: February 10, 1740Kilconquhar, Fife, Scotland
23 months
elder sister
Isabell Cunnings
Christening: January 12, 1742Kilconquhar, Fife, Scotland
22 months
elder brother
William Stewart Cunnens
Birth: November 20, 1743 26 26Saint Monance, Fife, Scotland
3 years
Elizabeth Cunings
Christening: May 11, 1746Dunino, Fife, Scotland
3 years
younger brother
David Cunings
Christening: July 9, 1749Dunino, Fife, Scotland