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Benjamin WaiteAge: 6016441704

Benjamin Waite
Given names
Birth 1644 43 26
Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts

Birth of a brotherJeremiah Waite
December 4, 1645 (Age 23 months)
Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island

Birth of a brotherThomas Waite
December 4, 1648 (Age 4)
Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island

Birth of a sisterMary Waite
1650 (Age 6)
Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts

Death of a brotherJoseph Waite
August 25, 1665 (Age 21)
Kinston, Washington, Rhode Island

Christening of a sisterMary Waite
December 4, 1669 (Age 25)

Death of a motherEleanor Paine
December 14, 1669 (Age 25)
Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island

MarriageMartha LeonardView family
June 8, 1670 (Age 26)
Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts

Death of a brotherJeremiah Waite
May 19, 1677 (Age 33)

Death of a fatherThomas Waite
September 13, 1677 (Age 33)
Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island

Death of a brotherSamuel Waite
February 1693 (Age 49)
Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island

Death 1704 (Age 60)
Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts

Family with parents - View family
Thomas Waite
Birth: 1601 35 31, Wales, England
Death: September 13, 1677Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Eleanor Paine
Birth: about 1618Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Death: December 14, 1669Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Marriage:   — Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts
elder brother
Samuel Waite
Birth: 1640 39 22Narragansett, Newport, Rhode Island
Death: February 1693Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
4 years
elder brother
Joseph Waite
Birth: 1643 42 25Kinston, Washington, Rhode Island
Death: August 25, 1665Kinston, Washington, Rhode Island
2 years
Benjamin Waite
Birth: 1644 43 26Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Death: 1704Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts
23 months
younger brother
Jeremiah Waite
Birth: December 4, 1645 44 27Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Death: May 19, 1677
3 years
younger brother
Thomas Waite
Birth: December 4, 1648 47 30Portsmouth, Newport, Rhode Island
Death: June 16, 1733Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island
2 years
younger sister
Mary Waite
Birth: 1650 49 32Dartmouth, Bristol, Massachusetts
Death: 1713
Reuben Waite
Death: October 7, 1707
Family with Martha Leonard - View family
Benjamin Waite
Birth: 1644 43 26Hatfield, Hampshire, Massachusetts
Death: 1704Deerfield, Franklin, Massachusetts
Marriage: June 8, 1670Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts


Soldier and Indian=scout at Radley, Mass. His wife and children were captured and taken to Canada; one daughter was named "Canada." A descendant of this same daughter founded Smith College at Northampton, Mass. Benjamin was slain by the Indians during a fight with the French and Indians, at Deerfield, Mass.

NOTE:  This is believed to be correct; but further confirmation of the authenticity of this relationship to Thomas (1) may possibly be desirable.