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Jon Greenhalgh1693

Jon Greenhalgh
Given names
Christening October 8, 1693
Bury, Lancashire, England

Christening of a brotherThomas Greenhalgh
January 1, 1698 (Age 4)
Bury, Lancashire, England

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William Greenhalgh
Birth: about 1650 20 20Bury, Lancashire, England
Mary Yate
Birth: about 1657Of Deane, Lancashire, England
Marriage: April 16, 1677Deane By Bolton, Lancashire, England
9 months
elder brother
Richard Greenhalgh
Birth: about 1677 27 20of Bolton, Lancs., Eng.
3 years
elder sister
Alice Greenhalgh
Christening: April 25, 1680Bury, Lancashire, England
14 months
elder brother
John Greenhalgh
Christening: July 10, 1681Bury, Lancashire, England
14 months
elder brother
William Greenhalgh
Christening: August 27, 1682Bury, Lancashire, England
-8 months
elder sister
Mary Greenhalgh
Birth: about 1681 31 24of Bolton, Lancs., Eng.
7 years
elder sister
Elizabeth Greenhalgh
Christening: October 26, 1687Bury, Lancashire, England
21 months
elder sister
Martha Greenhalgh
Christening: August 4, 1689Bury, Lancashire, England
2 years
elder sister
Ann Greenhalgh
Christening: October 18, 1691Bury, Lancashire, England
2 years
Jon Greenhalgh
Christening: October 8, 1693Bury, Lancashire, England
4 years
younger brother
Thomas Greenhalgh
Christening: January 1, 1698Bury, Lancashire, England