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John Ogden1729

John Ogden
Given names
Christening September 26, 1729
Bolton, Lancashire, England

Christening of a brotherWilliam Ogden
1731 (Age 15 months)
Bolton, Lancashire, England

Christening of a sisterAnne Ogden
September 26, 1737 (Age 8)
Bolton, Lancashire, England

Burial of a brotherEdmund Ogden
November 26, 1819 (Age 90)

LDS baptism August 2, 1969 (Age 239)

LDS temple: Laie, Hawaii

LDS endowment November 18, 1969 (Age 240)

LDS temple: Laie, Hawaii

LDS child sealing February 10, 1971 (Age 241)

LDS temple: Salt Lake City, Utah

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Richard Ogden
Christening: January 8, 1693Rochdale, Lancashire, England
Ellen Bridge
Christening: October 5, 1690Radcliffe, Lancashire, England
Marriage: September 16, 1712Rochdale, Lancashire, England
6 months
elder brother
James Ogden
Christening: March 24, 1713Radcliffe, Lancashire, England
5 years
elder sister
Betty Ogden
Christening: September 22, 1717Radcliffe, Lancashire, England
3 years
elder sister
Mary Ogden
Christening: June 15, 1720Bolton, Lancashire, England
4 years
elder brother
Richard Ogden
Christening: 1723Bolton, Lancashire, England
-9 years
elder brother
Edmund Ogden
Christening: May 16, 1714Radcliffe, Lancashire, England
Burial: November 26, 1819
12 years
elder sister
Anne Ogden
Christening: April 12, 1726Bolton, Lancashire, England
3 years
John Ogden
Christening: September 26, 1729Bolton, Lancashire, England
2 years
younger brother
William Ogden
Christening: 1731Bolton, Lancashire, England
7 years
younger sister
Anne Ogden
Christening: September 26, 1737Bolton, Lancashire, England