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Richard II "The Normandy + Judith Princess of Brittany (Bretag

1 child
Robert I "The Normandy
Birth: about 999 36 43of, Normandy, France
Death: July 2, 1035, Nicea, Bithynia, Turkey

Parents Grandparents
Richard II "The Normandy
Birth: about 963 29 27of, Normandy, France
Death: August 28, 1026Fecamp, Seine Inferieure, France
Richard I "The Normandy
Birth: August 28, 933of, Normandy, France
Death: November 20, 996, Fecamp, Seine-Inferieure, France
Gonnor De Crepon [Duchess of Nor
Birth: about 936, Normandy, France
Death: 1031, France

Judith Princess of Brittany (Bretag
Birth: 956 29 4of, Bretagne, France
Death: 1017of, Normandy, France
Conan I Duke Bretagne
Birth: 927of, Bretagne, France
Death: June 29, 992
Ermangarde D' Anjou [Duchess of Bret
Birth: about 952of, Anjou, France
Death: June 27, 992
Family group information
Marriage about 981
, Normandy, France

LDS spouse sealing December 23, 1935

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