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Aurelio Carlo Carosso + Marguerite Jane Gable

2 children
Norma Marguerite Carosso
Birth: May 19, 1931 25 21
Death: December 27, 1986Snyder, Buffalo, , New York

Parents Grandparents
Aurelio Carlo Carosso
Birth: June 16, 1905 25 20Castagnole Lanze, Allesandria, Italy
Carlo Guiseppe Carosso
Birth: November 18, 1879 30 30Castagnole Lanze, Allesandria, Asti, Italy
Maria Isabella Rabellino
Birth: April 13, 1885 51 43Castagnole Lanze, Allesandria, Asti, Italy
Death: October 23, 1961Pittsfield, Massachusetts

Marguerite Jane Gable
Birth: June 23, 1909 24 22Hericourt, France
Charles August Gable, Sr
Birth: January 11, 1885of Hericourt, France
Death: February 2, 1968Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Helene Jane Aubert
Birth: 1887of Haricourt, France
Death: December 12, 1975Pittsfield, Massachusetts
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