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Phillip Jake Eiden + Florence Christina Griep

7 children

Parents Grandparents
PhilipJakeEiden.jpg Phillip Jake Eiden
Birth: July 12, 1906Cologne, Carver, Minnesota

FlorenceGriep.jpg Florence Christina Griep
Birth: August 6, 1908 34 29Long Prairie, Todd, Minn
Death: April 1, 1966
Henry_Joseph_Jr_Griep.jpg Henry or Heinrich Joseph Griep
Birth: September 9, 1873 34 41of, Westfallen, Hanover, Germany
Death: September 16, 1949Long Prairie, Todd, Minnesota
Wilhelmina_Gerturde_Spieker.jpg Wilhelmina Gertrude Spieker
Birth: March 1, 1879 43 47Belleville, St. Clair, Ill
Death: February 3, 1962Long Prairie, Todd, Minn
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The details of this family are private.