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Frederick Wilson Booth + Blanche Moore

5 children
Hazel Bernice Booth
Birth: March 31, 1902 28 20Long Prairie, Todd, Minnesota
Death: December 7, 1902Long Prairie, Todd, Minnesota
Kenneth Moore Booth
Birth: June 29, 1904 31 23Long Prairie, Todd, Minnesota
Death: before June 7, 1987
Ellen Jane Booth
Birth: April 3, 1908 34 26Long Prairie, Todd, Minnesota
Death: October 1961
Rudolph_and_Lillian_Griep.jpg Lillian Blanche Booth
Birth: March 21, 1913 39 31Long Prairie, Todd, Minnesota
Death: March 21, 1993San Leandro, Alameda, California

Parents Grandparents
Frederick Wilson Booth Frederick Wilson Booth
Birth: May 27, 1873 31 21Reynolds, Todd, Minnesota
Jonas Glazier Booth
Birth: February 1, 1842 25 20Napoli, Catteraugus, New York
Death: July 6, 1909Long Prairie, Todd, Minn
Justina Ida Taylor Booth Justina Ida Taylor
Birth: April 14, 1852 32 30Lagndon, Oleara, New York
Death: May 31, 1933Eagle Bend, Minn

Blanche Moore Booth Blanche Moore
Birth: April 7, 1881 57 38Long Prairie, Todd, Minnesota
Death: February 25, 1947
Joseph Moore
Birth: 1824, England
Death: June 6, 1894Long Prairie, Todd, Minnesota
Ellen or Hellen Weir or Kern
Birth: May 1842, England
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