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Henry or Heinrich Joseph Griep + Wilhelmina Gertrude Spieker

8 children
Augusta Marie Griep Augusta Marie Griep
Birth: September 13, 1903 30 24Long Prairie, Todd, Minn
LeoGriep.jpg Leo Joseph Griep
Birth: April 15, 1905 31 26Long Prairie, Todd, Minn
AgnesGriep.jpg Agnes Rosaba Griep
Birth: December 4, 1906 33 27Long Prairie, Todd, Minn
FlorenceGriep.jpg Florence Christina Griep
Birth: August 6, 1908 34 29Long Prairie, Todd, Minn
Death: April 1, 1966
Rudolph Griep Rudolph Joseph Griep
Birth: March 23, 1911 37 32Long Prairie, Todd, Minnesota
Death: January 1983San Leandro, Alameda, California

Parents Grandparents
Henry_Joseph_Jr_Griep.jpg Henry or Heinrich Joseph Griep
Birth: September 9, 1873 34 41of, Westfallen, Hanover, Germany
Death: September 16, 1949Long Prairie, Todd, Minnesota
Griep Headstone Minnesota Johann Heinrich (Henry) Griep
Birth: June 3, 1839 24 29Lastrup, Parish of Holte, Hannover, Germany
Death: December 9, 1913Long Prairie, Todd, Minn
Gertrude Rosa
Birth: 1832of, Hanover, Germany
Death: 1893Long Prairie, Todd, Minn

Wilhelmina_Gerturde_Spieker.jpg Wilhelmina Gertrude Spieker
Birth: March 1, 1879 43 47Belleville, St. Clair, Ill
Death: February 3, 1962Long Prairie, Todd, Minn
FredrickWilhelmSpieker.jpg Friedrich Wilhelm Spieker
Birth: May 8, 1835Beverungen, Westfalen, Preussen
Death: September 10, 1896Long Prairie, Minn
AugustaJustingKornhoff.jpg Augusta Justina Kornhoff
Birth: November 21, 1831 39 39Borgholz, Westfalen, Germany
Death: October 6, 1912Long Prairie, Todd, Minnesota
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