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The Reverend Walter Morrison Minister of the Gospel + Anne Grant

9 children
Colin Morrison
Christening: June 4, 1766Ardersier, Inverness, Scotland
Elizabeth Morrison
Christening: October 27, 1767Ardersier, Inverness, Scotland
Lewis Morrison
Christening: September 3, 1769Ardersier, Inverness, Scotland
Peter (Robert) Morrison
Christening: March 29, 1771Ardersier, Inverness, Scotland
Lewis Morrison
Birth: November 3, 1772 33 33Ardersier, Inverness, Scotland
Margaret Morrison
Birth: September 26, 1774 35 35Ardersier, Inverness, Scotland
James (William) Morrison
Birth: January 11, 1776 36 36Ardersier, Inverness, Scotland
Death: 1850Aberdeen, Abrdn, Scot
Alexander Morrison
Christening: September 26, 1777Ardersier, Inverness, Scotland
Walter Morrison
Birth: November 21, 1779 40 40Ardersier, Inverness, Scotland

Parents Grandparents
The Reverend Walter Morrison Minister of the Gospel
Birth: August 13, 1739 47 30Deskford, Banff, Scotland
Death: May 14, 1780
The Reverend Walter Morrison Minister of the Gospel
Birth:   — Deskford, Banff, Scotland
Death: January 19, 1780Scotland
Elizabeth Ker
Birth: about 1709 29
Death: March 12, 1788

Anne Grant
Christening: May 15, 1739Inveravon, Banff, Scotland
Death: March 12, 1788
Lewis (Lodowick) Grant
Birth: October 25, 1719 0Inveravon, Banff, Scotland
Family group information
Marriage May 6, 1765
Inveravon, Banff, Scotland

LDS spouse sealing August 22, 1960

LDS temple: Salt Lake City, Utah

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Marriage Record: Mr Walter Morison Minister of the Gospel at Fort George (in the parish of Ardersier) and Miss Anne Grant in this parish were contracted and were married May 6th, 1765. #0990997