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George Charles Morrison + Mary Ann Bruce

8 children
WilliamMorrison.jpg William Morrison
Birth: September 8, 1820 25 23Inverury, Aberdeen, Scotland.
Death: August 26, 1889Clear Creek Can., Sevier, Utah
Margaret Gordon Morrison
Birth: June 15, 1822 27 24Inverurie, Aberdeen, Scotland
Death: 1880Yandoit, Victoria, Australia
Mary Bartlet Morrison
Birth: August 22, 1824 29 26Inverurie, Abrdn, Scot
Death: April 20, 1887Inverurie, Aberdeen, Scotland
James Morrison
Birth: June 17, 1827 32 29Inverurie, Aberdeen, Scotland
Death: February 18, 1901Yandoit, Victoria, Australia
Anthony Morrison
Birth: April 19, 1829 34 31Inverurie, Aberdeen, Scotland
Death: before 1888Cheltenham Cemetary South East of Melbourne, Australia
Charles Morrison
Birth: July 3, 1831 36 33Inverurie, Aberdeen, Scotland
Elsie Morrison
Christening: September 10, 1835Kildrummy, Aberdeen, Scotland
Death: November 11, 1905Kopuaranga, Masterton, New Zealand
George Morrison
Birth: 1836 41 38Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
Death: August 7, 1918Geelong, , Australia

Parents Grandparents
George Charles Morrison
Christening: September 16, 1794Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
Death: November 11, 1857Inverurie, Aberdeen, Scotland
James (William) Morrison
Birth: January 11, 1776 36 36Ardersier, Inverness, Scotland
Death: 1850Aberdeen, Abrdn, Scot
Mary Skene
Christening: January 20, 1775Saint Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland

Mary Ann Bruce
Christening: August 31, 1797Keithhall and Kinkell, Aberdeen, Scotland
Death: March 13, 1877Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
George Bruce
Christening: October 14, 1744Inverurie, Aberdeen, Scotland
Margaret Mearns
Christening: April 2, 1758Inverury, Aberdeen, Scotland
Death: April 1841Inverary, Aberdeen, Scotland
Family group information
Marriage November 18, 1819
Inverurie, Aberdeen, Scotland

LDS spouse sealing November 26, 1956

LDS temple: Los Angeles, California

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FHL #0993192. 23rd October 1819 George Morison in this parish and Mary Ann Bruce in Keith-hall were contracted and after proclamations on two sabbaths were married by Dr. Keith on 18th November (1819).