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Stephen Glazier + Sarah Eveleth

2 children
Capt. Beamsley Glazier
Christening: July 4, 1714Ipswich, Massachusetts
Stephen Glazier
Christening: January 19, 1716
Death: March 23, 1716

Parents Grandparents
Stephen Glazier
Birth: about 1687 20Of Ipswich, Massachusetts
Zachariah Glazier
Birth: April 20, 1666 26 25Woburn, Middlesex County, Massachusetts
Death: before 1698Of Ipswich, Massachusetts
Hannah Emerson
Birth:   — Of Ipswich, Massachusetts

Sarah Eveleth
Birth: about 1694
Death: March 19, 1716
Joseph Eveleth
Birth:   — Of Epswich, Massachusetts
Family group information
Marriage July 26, 1713
Epswich, Massachusetts

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