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Professor Francis Skene + Mary Reid

4 children
Dr. George Skene
Christening: April 14, 1741St Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
Death: March 25, 1803Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
William Skene
Christening: November 23, 1742St Nicholas, Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland
John Skene
Birth: August 2, 1744 40 23
James Skene
Birth: August 25, 1746 42 25

Parents Grandparents
Professor Francis Skene
Birth: 1704 30 24Dumbreck, Stirling, Scotland
Death: February 13, 1775
Minister of Kinkell George Skene
Birth: 1674, , Scotland
Death: April 1724Kinkell, Aberdeen, Scotland
Dame Mary Gordon
Birth: 1680
Death: August 1, 1712Kinkell, Aberdeen, Scotland

Mary Reid
Birth: 1721Of Mounie
Death: March 31, 1781
Family group information
Marriage May 15, 1740
Dumbreck, Aberdeen, Scotland

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Entry in Aberdeen marriages, Film #0991138: (Difficult to read) Mr. Francis Skene said to be married clandestinely with-----Reid, Andrew Walt Taylor with----Scot and Patrick Kilgour with Katharine Forbes, Relick and spouse to Alexander Webster, Sailor, are all appointed to be cited and..... Date of entry:Aberdeen Sept 8th 1740.

SL Film #1059031: Husband Age at Marriage 36 years. Wife Age at Marriage 19 years.