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Henri I King France + Anna Agnesa Yaroslavna Kiev [Queen of France

1 child
Hugh "The Great" Crepi [Count of Verman
Birth: about 1050 44 14of, Vermandois, Normandy, France
Death: October 18, 1102, Tarsus, Cilicie

Parents Grandparents
Henri I King France
Birth: 1006 33 32of, Reims, France
Death: August 4, 1060Vitry, Brie, France
Robert II "The France
Birth: March 27, 972 33 20, Orleans, France
Death: July 20, 1031, Melun
Constance De Toulouse [Queen of France
Birth: about 974 27 26of, Toulouse, France
Death: July 25, 1032, Melun

Anna Agnesa Yaroslavna Kiev [Queen of France
Birth: 1036 56 35of, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine
Death: 1076, France
Yaroslav I "The Kiev
Birth: 980 18of, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine
Death: February 20, 1054of, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine
Ingrid (Ingegerda) Princess Sweden
Birth: about 1001 51 22of, Uppsala, Uppsala, Sweden
Death: February 10, 1050, Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine
Family group information
Marriage January 29, 1050

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