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Robert "Blanchmains" Harcourt [Earl of Leicest + Petronilla (Pernel) Grentmesnil

1 child
Margaret De Harcourt
Birth: about 1160 39 26of, Hampshire, England
Death: January 12, 1234

Parents Grandparents
Robert "Blanchmains" Harcourt [Earl of Leicest
Birth: about 1121 17 21of, Beaumont, France
Death: August 31, 1190, Durazzo Provence, West Albania
Robert "Bossu" De Beaumont [Earl of Leicest
Birth: 1104 58 23, Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Death: April 5, 1168, England
Amice De (Uta) Gael (Waiet) [Countess of Lei
Birth: about 1100 22of, Norfolk, England

Petronilla (Pernel) Grentmesnil
Birth: about 1134 42 29of, Leicestershire, England
Death: April 1, 1212Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Hugh De Grentmesnil [Baron of Hinckl
Birth: about 1092 28 26of, Hinckley, Lancastershire, England
Mrs-Hugh De Grentmesnil
Birth: about 1105of, Hinckley, Leicestershire, England
Family group information
Marriage about 1155

LDS spouse sealing November 21, 1972

LDS temple: Los Angeles, California

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