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Hugh "Capet" King France + Adelaide Princess of Aquitaine

1 child
Robert II "The France
Birth: March 27, 972 33 20, Orleans, France
Death: July 20, 1031, Melun

Parents Grandparents
Hugh "Capet" King France
Birth: about 939 39 29of, Paris, Seine, France
Death: October 24, 996, Paris, Seine, France
Hugues Magnus, Duke France [Count of Paris]
Birth: about 900of, Paris, Seine, France
Death: June 16, 956, Dourdan, France
Hedwige (Hartwige) Princess Germans
Birth: about 910of, Saxony, Germany
Death: March 14, 965Aix-La-Chapelle

Adelaide Princess of Aquitaine
Birth: about 952 23 55of, Germany
Death: 1004
Guillaume III (I), Aquitaine [Count of Poitie
Birth: about 929of, Poitiers, Vienna, France
Death: April 3, 963
Adele, Princess of Normandy [Countess of Poi
Birth: about 897, Normandy, France
Death: after October 14, 962
Family group information
Marriage 968

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